Organizing Security Protocols

February 17, 2017

By Dr. Ramiro Zuniga

There is no doubt that just about everyone has been thinking about data and network security across the K12 spectrum.  I have had recent conversations with School Board Members, parents, school district auditors, solutions vendors, and many school district security personnel.  It seems that every conference that I have recently attended has some presentation of discussion on security protocols.
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Are You Concerned About Data Privacy? A New Initiative Can Help

April 12, 2016

Key Takeaways for District Leaders

  • Common Sense Media’s education division has teamed up with more than 40 school systems to launch the Privacy Evaluation Initiative.
  • The initiative is “wide open to further participation” by other school systems.
  • Even districts that don’t take part themselves can benefit from the program.
  • The Privacy Evaluation Initiative comes as data privacy awareness has grown among K-12 leaders.

If you’re worried about the data privacy and information security practices of the technologies used in your schools, a new initiative from Common Sense Media can help you evaluate these practices.

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New State Laws Reveal a Shift in Thinking on Student Data Privacy

March 3, 2016

Key Takeaways for District Leaders

  • Student privacy is important for schools but state regulations are shifting from prohibition to governance.
  • States are shifting the responsibility for ensuring the proper use of student data from school districts to service providers.
  • Laws like SOPIPA can help prevent companies from using student data for marketing purposes but district leaders should still look for vendors with a track record of protecting student privacy.
  • The Student Privacy Pledge is one way vendors can help districts know more about their commitment to student data privacy.

While U.S. states continue to focus on how best to ensure the privacy of student information in the digital age, a new analysis by the Data Quality Campaign (DQC) suggests the focus of this conversation is shifting in ways that have important implications for K-12 schools.

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Protecting Student Privacy in a Digital Age

February 29, 2016

Key Takeaways for Superintendents and CTOs

  • Protecting student privacy is of growing importance in a digital age.
  • District administrators and school board members have a responsibility to evaluate the district's methods for storing and sharing student data.
  • Student healthcare data is particularly sensitive and now falls under the protection of FERPA (not HIPAA).
  • District administrators need to be mindful of the pitfalls of sharing student survey data, using free software solutions, and can consider app filtering.

Dr. Lawrence Borland is not only the school board president for the Franklin Regional School District in Pennsylvania, he’s also a self-described “privacy guy.” That’s why he has become very involved in how and why the district releases any information about its students.

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