Pennsylvania – Top Questions to Ask when you’re in the Market for a New ERP System

June 16, 2016

Is your school district looking for a new K-12 enterprise resource planning system (ERP)? With Pennsylvania state regulations changing on a regular basis, it's important to be prepared as you begin researching the different systems available. We have prepared an infographic for you to use while you research each K-12 ERP financial software provider.

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Protecting Student Privacy in a Digital Age

February 29, 2016

Key Takeaways for Superintendents and CTOs

  • Protecting student privacy is of growing importance in a digital age.
  • District administrators and school board members have a responsibility to evaluate the district's methods for storing and sharing student data.
  • Student healthcare data is particularly sensitive and now falls under the protection of FERPA (not HIPAA).
  • District administrators need to be mindful of the pitfalls of sharing student survey data, using free software solutions, and can consider app filtering.

Dr. Lawrence Borland is not only the school board president for the Franklin Regional School District in Pennsylvania, he’s also a self-described “privacy guy.” That’s why he has become very involved in how and why the district releases any information about its students.

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Nine Ways to Reduce or Avoid Superintendent/Board Friction

February 16, 2016

James Capolupo has a decade of experience as a superintendent building strong relationships with school board members. The former superintendent of the Springfield School District in Pennsylvania knows that the relationship between the district’s leader and its school board can directly impact its students.

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Nine Ways Superintendents Can Build Strong School Board Relationships

February 3, 2016

James Capolupo has worked at virtually every level of education, from high school band director to elementary principal to university associate dean. The job he considers to be among the most important, though, was his decade-long stint as superintendent of the Springfield School District in Pennsylvania.

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STEAM Program Engages Disadvantaged Students and Community Partners

January 28, 2016

A group of fourth- and fifth-grade students at Carter & MacRae Elementary School in Lancaster, Pa., was tasked with solving a problem: A local baker who uses a 12-foot-deep oven was having trouble baking his small, round rolls. Oftentimes, as he pushed them in or pulled them out of the oven, a few rolled off the tray, leaving him scrambling for a way to grab them before they burned in the back of the oven.

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2015 PASA-PSBA School Leadership Conference Highlight: Souderton Area School District, Pa., Shares Effective Budgeting and Financial Planning in the Era of Act 1

January 12, 2016

During the 2015 PASA-PSBA School Leadership Conference, Frank T. Gallagher, Souderton Area School District superintendent, and William R. Stone Jr., the district’s director of business affairs, shared best practices for budgeting and financial planning in the era of Act 1.

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PASA-PSBA 2015 Highlight from Pottstown School District: The Role of Early Education and Community Partnerships in Revitalizing an Urban, At-Risk Community

December 22, 2015

Pottstown School District Superintendent Jeff Sparagana, Ed.D., advises at-risk communities eager for transformation to partner with their school district to support early education. “If you want to change a community, one way to do it is to make sure you’re engaging families and children prior to kindergarten,” he said. At the 2015 PASA-PSBA conference, Sparagana and other Pottstown officials highlighted an initiative that is successfully preparing preschool children for kindergarten in their urban, at-risk community.

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