3 Tips to Use Your Master Schedule to Embark Change in Your District

December 6, 2016

By Justin McKean

I LOVE the scheduling process.  It is a challenge and a fun puzzle that I enjoyed being a part of during my time in education.  We had the old school “whiteboard” mentality when it came for building the master schedule, and then we scheduled students 1 at a time, by hand!  We had a small population but we did not trust the scheduler to customize the schedule with the best interest of the school, students, AND teachers in mind.

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Effectively Plan Your Master Schedule

March 26, 2014

Professional educators know that a well-crafted master schedule allows for optimal learning to take place each day. It provides a more effective use of allotted time, space, material, and human resources in a school environment. Schedule planning should begin as early as fall in preparation for the next school year.

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