Three Steps to Overcoming the Challenges of Student Assessment

Posted by Matt Berringer on April 8, 2014

Report card grades are only a small part of K-12 student evaluation. To wholly appraise a student, gathering, interpreting, and acting on insights about their performance plays a critical role in tracking successful and unsuccessful patterns in teaching and learning. Research spanning four decades has proven formative assessment to be a powerful ally for improving student performance and differentiating instruction.

The only way to know if a secondary math lab or additional reading class is providing an optimal learning experience is through assessment. For educators to maximize evaluation effectiveness, consider the following:

Embrace Change. To more easily transition to the Common Core States Standards, many school districts have begun revamping their curriculum offerings. Reach out to your department head to get the necessary resources and information to begin implementing positive change into your classroom.

Explain the Process. There’s methodology behind the new rigorous standards. Be sure to explain to children what they’ll learn and why they are learning it. Parents need to understand, as well. Work with your colleagues to achieve this goal.

Align Assessments and Curriculum. To meet Common Core objectives, curriculum should be constantly reviewed and updated. Evaluations must be designed to achieve this end. If applicable, consider modeling appropriate classroom tests after state exams.

The optimal challenge for today’s educator is to accomplish increased performance scrutiny while continuing to foster a love of learning—this while taking into consideration each child’s unique needs. However, all of these objectives may be accomplished with the right practices and tools. SunGard K-12 Education’s PerformancePLUS offers a balanced solution.

Part of the PLUS 360 suite, PerformancePLUS is a web-based, district-wide evaluation-support system that assists educators with tracking and analyzing student performance against state standards, mapping and managing curriculum, as well as building and administering local online benchmark assessments. PerformancePLUS arms educators with information to make data-driven decisions to enhance instruction and help increase both individual student achievement and overall district achievement. Assessment challenges can be met more efficiently with the PerformancePLUS system.

For more information on PerformancePLUS and AssessmentBUILDER, please CLICK HERE to sign up for a product demonstration or call (866) 905-8989 to speak to a SunGard K-12 representative today.

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