Six Tips for Successfully Implementing the Teacher Access Center Gradebook

Posted by Matt Berringer on May 9, 2014

by Jill Kocatulum, Team Lead, Implementation Support, eSchoolPLUS

Teacher Access Center 3.1 home pageDeveloped in collaboration with teachers nationwide, eSchoolPLUS Teacher Access Center is a 21st-century classroom management system, featuring an integrated standards-based gradebook. Through the web-based user interface, you will be able to quickly access the information you need and easily communicate with parents and school administrators. The data teachers enter—class attendance and grades—automatically flows into the district’s eSchoolPLUS database.

Looking for some tips for a successful implementation of the Teacher Access Center gradebook? Consider the following:

  1. If your school district has stated policies about how grades are calculated, consider implementing gradebook category types. These types allow you to configure how categories, such as homework or tests, figure into a marking period grade. They also allow you to define which categories should populate specific mark types. For example, your teachers may record their semester exam average in their gradebook but only want that average to populate the exam mark on the report card.
  2. For buildings that post alpha marks to the report card, gradebook grading scales provide flexibility in determining how numeric averages from the gradebook translate to alpha marks. Each building may have multiple grading scales giving teachers the ability to pick a scale that meets the needs of the class level.
  3. Encourage your teachers to review the averages for various mark types and categories prior to report card entry time. If they review as they go, errors in category or mark type setups can be addressed prior to report card crunch time.
  4. Use gradebook alpha marks to allow your teachers to mark assignments as incomplete or late. Caution your teachers that alpha marks should be used for assignments only and never be used to override a student’s average.
  5. Consider forming a rubric team consisting of your teachers and/or curriculum staff. Creating rubrics and storing them in eSchoolPLUS gives your teachers a quick, easy method of applying rubrics to their assignments.
  6. Encourage your teachers to communicate not only with assignments and scores but by posting course and assignment attachments. You can facilitate the communication process by providing your teachers with table validated comments they can attach to any assignment by configuring gradebook comments.

If you need assistance with a business process review or if you are configuring the Teacher Access Center gradebook for the first time, we have consultants ready to assist you. To schedule time with a consultant, please contact Ed Kobus at

eSchoolPLUS Teacher Access Center was named a finalist for Best Classroom Management Solution in the 2014 SIIA Education CODiE Awards. The classroom management system is part of the eSchoolPLUS student information system, which was recognized as a Top 100 product for 2013 by the readers of District Administration.

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