Teaching and Learning Assessment

Posted by Matt Berringer on April 10, 2014

As a K-12 educator, it’s important to be on top of the latest educational standards and practices. This will not only enable you to become a better teacher, it will benefit your students and reignite your enthusiasm for instruction. And that can be contagious—students recognize this and, in turn, will become passionate about learning.

Effective educators regularly assess their students to track successful and unsuccessful patterns in teaching and learning.

Aside from yearly observations or other administrative methods of evaluating your classroom performance, consider each school year as fresh start and the opportunity to fine tune your skills. One suggestion: enlist the help of a fellow teacher in your department—one who can observe the effectiveness of your classroom technique and provide constructive feedback. Receive and evaluate any critique objectively. You may then decide to adjust your lessons and assessments accordingly.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by any changes that need to be made. School districts are finding that effective software solutions can serve as an important foundation for teacher success, such as SunGard’s K-12 PerformancePLUS™ AssessmentBUILDER. This tool enables teachers to build, administer, and to score new assessments. It also allows them to determine individual student needs and adapt instruction to help improve student achievement. Teachers can also review results from district-wide assessments so that they have a comprehensive view of the student’s performance, educational needs, and abilities.

Additionally, PerformancePLUS provides teachers the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with colleagues. Team teachers will know what they’re going to teach and when they’re going to teach it. The PerformancePLUS assessment and curriculum management system is a conduit through which articulation, cooperation, and effective use can occur. This gives you a solid platform in which to become the best educator you can be.

For more information on PerformancePLUS and AssessmentBUILDER, please CLICK HERE to sign up for a product demonstration or call (866) 905-8989 to speak to a SunGard K-12 representative today.

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