TCEA Update: Celeste JHS Uses Technology to Fight Bullying

Posted by Matt Berringer on February 7, 2013

By SunGard K-12 Staff

bully_tagxedoStudents and educators at Celeste Junior High School are going high-tech to take a stand against bullies—launching the Ctrl+Alt+Delete Bullies wiki and developing other resources to build awareness and offer hope.

At the school, the student organization Future is Now is leading the initiative. Three advisors to the organization—Julie Dillard, Jessica Stembridge, and Nicole Hicks—celebrated the students’ efforts and shared the resources with other educators at TCEA’s annual conference.

According to Julie Dillard, the advent of social media has increased the impact of bullying. “Today, kids can be bullied 24-7,” she said. The Future is Now team is turning the tables on the bullies, using those same channels to spread their positive message.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete Bullies offers a collection of anti-bullying resources for teachers and students of all ages. In addition to featuring a list of books on the subject, the Future is Now team have used technology to create their own resources, giving a voice to their thoughts and feelings on the subject.

For example, a team member wrote a poem and then animated it with the ShowMe App. Together, they illustrated the language of bullying with Tagxedo (shown right). And they wrote book reviews in PodOmatic.

The team also used technology to advance their “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” message. They illustrated techniques for “controlling” bullies by creating a video in xtranormal. To spread suggestions for bystanders to use in “altering” bullies, they produced a public service announcement, which won second place in a Region 10 student video contest, and created animated videos on Voki. And, to offer suggestion for how to “delete” bullying from your life, the students created an anti-bullying pamphlet in MixBook.

Finally, the students went a bit old-school and created an anti-bullying puppet show for pre-kindergarten through third grade, which they posted on YouTube.

All the resources are available on the wiki. And the Future is Now team is leveraging social media sites—YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest—to spread their message.

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