TCEA Update: Clear Creek ISD Engages 21st-Century Learners with Technology

Posted by Matt Berringer on February 6, 2013

By SunGard K-12 Staff

CaptureAt TCEA 2013, Clear Creek ISD instructors Bridget Robinson, M.Ed., and Amanda Psarovarkas shared a framework for weaving technological tools into six strategies for engaging 21st-century learners.

Several years ago, Common Learning Framework Strategies were rolled out at Clear Creek ISD. These strategies engage the full spectrum of today’s learners in ways that meet their educational needs. The strategies include Talking-to-Learn, Collaborative Group Work, Scaffolding, Literacy Groups, Writing-to-Learn, and Effective Questioning.

Although the strategies originally didn't leverage today’s technology, the Clear Creek ISD instructors believe these tools are essential for connecting with 21st-century learners.

“We should be engaging the learner … with technology included,” Bridget said. “You have to add the technology, because that’s going to engage them even more.”

For Amanda, technology is the point of connection. “I use the technology because it’s their language,” she said.

The pair cautioned that the use of technology must be driven by the curriculum. “The 21st-century teacher should be guiding the students … it’s the curriculum that drives the technology, not the technology that drives the curriculum,” said Bridget.

In 2006, Bridget launched the Learning Can be Fun Wiki, which features information and presentations about the use of technological tools—such as QR codes, Wikis, Edmondo, Prezi, etc.—to foster learning. Clear Creek ISD is a SunGard eFinancePLUS customer.

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