The Importance of Attendance Letter Templates

Posted by Matt Berringer on February 26, 2014

Capture-SickChildIn education, attendance is defined as a student’s physical presence in the classroom. Within each school year, hundreds of school days elapse for hundreds or thousands of students. Using data from your eSchoolPLUS student information system, attendance letters must be prepared according to each eligible student’s specific situation and the effect of their tardiness or absence on their education.

Attendance letters are used in a number of situations and are vital for many reasons. They can alert family members of patterns of attendance or tardiness, verify compliance with education laws, determine a district’s average daily attendance for state funding purposes, be used to gain information about the student’s location for safety reasons, develop attendance plans with families, and close gaps in student performance to increase school completion. Attendance policies can differ between states, districts, and even schools within the same district.

eSchoolPLUS customers can easily create their own template attendance letters in Microsoft Word. The software will simplify the process by generating a data file to merge appropriate parent contact information into the documents.

eSchoolPLUS Attendance also offers the following features:

  • Accommodates standard attendance entry for daily and period absences.
  • Attendance calculations can be based on minutes, half days, whole days, or other defined intervals.
  • Both office staff and teachers can enter student attendance.
  • The system records a complete audit trail of access and entries.
  • Attendance is included in several areas of the software to help determine which students require further evaluation.
  • eSchoolPLUS Attendance can be used to identify which students should be ineligible for activities, as well as those who should not receive credit for a course because they have exceeded their absence limit.

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