SNUG 2014: Radnor Township School District, Pa., Offers Tips for a Successful PerformanceTRACKER Implementation

Posted by Matt Berringer on November 24, 2014

During this week before Thanksgiving, SunGard K-12 Education is taking a look back at our user conference and celebrating our customers and their remarkable efforts to help students achieve. We are grateful for their dedication and their continued confidence in SunGard K-12 and our software.

JSNUG 2014oseph Cannella, Ed.D., Radnor Township School District’s supervisor of data and achievement, offered four tips for a successful implementation of PerformanceTRACKER:

Thoroughly plan your implementation before you begin around your specific needs. Cannella recommended that this planning be done at the district level in conjunction with the vendor. He offered the following suggestions:

  • Appoint a lead individual who is only tasked with a successful implementation of the product. Although he advised not just tacking this on to someone’s job, Cannella said, “If you can’t appoint an individual, at least have the discussion about how you will give the appointed person the capacity to do it right.”
  • Organize a team to support the implementation. “Convene that team frequently so you can talk about progress and hurdles and what’s not working,” said Cannella. “Make sure that team has representatives from IT, Curriculum, from building-level leadership, and from union association leadership.”
  • Commit to the “One Stop Shop” concept. “I want every scrap of data in PerformanceTRACKER, and I want it nowhere else because I can’t cross-reference two pieces of data effectively if they’re in two different silos,” explained Cannella.

Set-up and customize the software as you need to. Cannella advised the following:

  • Proceed slowly and deliberately.
  • Address current district pain points.

Support your teachers. Cannella recommended the following:

  • Continual professional development is needed in order to effectively use building-level data.
  • Organize teams as liaisons for your teachers.
  • Share new features, new applications of old features.

“Continual professional development is critical, not only initially but also as new applications and new features get rolled out,” advised Cannella. “And, if you have building-level data teams, use them if you can.”

Commit to continually expanding PerformanceTRACKER’s use for teachers. Cannella recommended that districts “be creative” in expanding the use of PerformanceTRACKER.

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