Top 3 Tips for Recruiting Teachers

Posted by Matt Berringer on May 15, 2014

Recruiting Top Teaching TalenRecruiting teachers among a sea of applicants presents a challenge, even in today’s highly competitive job market. Since education is a multi-faceted profession, future members of your school district’s team must go above and beyond what’s listed on their resume and application.

Top educators must be team players, possess a dedicated work ethic (no, the school day doesn’t end at the final bell), be extremely organized, and have a true passion for both teaching and their subject matter.

To evaluate a candidate effectively, consider these steps in your selection process:

  1. Implement an Active Interview Process. Before the initial interview, assign top candidates a task that’s directly related to the position. It could be an issue you’re currently struggling with in that department. Change the questions to match the flow of the interview. To gauge creative and critical-thinking skills, give leading applicants a tour or overview of the department and ask them to suggest improvements.
  2. Involve the Community. Your school is part of a community, so consider including select parents, students, and other key community members in the interview process. Getting various perspectives, not just from the administrator’s point of view, is important. This also applies to higher level positions.
  3. Post Demo Lesson Reflection. If candidates make it to the demo lesson stage, ask them to reflect on what could have been done better post-lesson. Did their lesson relate to the new and rigorous Common Core State Standards? Flexibility is a critical asset in the field of education, and their responses will indicate how open and adaptable they are.

Job competition is fierce in today’s educational environment, but top teachers can still be hard to find. Be sure to maintain a high-quality recruiting effort and level of job applicant standards by implementing the above techniques.

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