Paramus Public Schools Builds a Data-Focused Culture

Posted by Matt Berringer on August 21, 2014

Paramus Public SchoolsPerformance data is a crucial foundation for meaningful insights in education.

Several years ago, the leadership of Paramus Public Schools, N.J., began the search for a software solution to enable them to launch a major initiative to implement district-level assessments. The district’s goal was to make available key student performance data so that educators and administrators could better support the needs of their students and so the district could better support the professional development needs of its staff.

Christine Diaz—the district’s supervisor of staff development, instructional technology, and assessment—says district leadership conducted a national search for the right solution. “At that time, we had no district-level assessments. There was no measuring stick for gauging performance and gathering insights,” she recalls, noting that the district selected SunGard K-12 Education’s PerformancePLUS because it offered all the functionality the district was looking for in a single solution.

Part of the PLUS 360 suite, PerformancePLUS provides a single connection point for anywhere, anytime access to a school district’s assessment data. The software helps track longitudinal assessment results through interactive graphs correlated to state standards. Teachers and administrators have the ability to aggregate and disaggregate assessment data and use this information to establish and monitor goals, modify curriculum, and ultimately enhance the teaching and learning environment. In addition, PerformancePLUS offers educators a simple way to create, score, and analyze local assessments, making them a powerful solution set to help guide instruction.

Since its implementation of PerformancePLUS, Paramus Public Schools has launched key initiatives to support the creation of a data-focused culture. To read more about these efforts, please CLICK HERE. For more information about PerformancePLUS, CLICK HERE to sign up for a product demonstration or call (866) 905-8989 to speak to a SunGard K-12 representative.

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