Success in OCR Reporting in Four Steps

Posted by Matt Berringer on January 28, 2014

OCR Reporting RequirementsAll matters that may involve the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) must follow reporting standards to ensure full OCR compliance. Therefore it is very important that every educational institution be well-prepared for OCR reporting. Here, we provide a brief overview of the key elements in OCR report preparation for educational institutions which support the OCR’s mandate to ensure equality in education.

  1. Educate For Prevention. Inform, train, and prepare staff by providing information about OCR reporting as it applies to applicable situations. Topics such as sex, national origin, race, age, and disability discrimination should also be discussed. This may also include educating staff on the correct way to handle decisions regarding a student’s GPA, attendance/truancy, class placement, and scheduling.
  2. Analyze Relevant Information in Past and Current OCR Reports. Information pulled from periodic evaluation of OCR reporting will help identify positive and negative trends. According to the Report to the President and Secretary of Education, 2009-12, the percentage of OCR complaints by type of alleged discrimination had been disability (54 percent), race and national origin (26 percent), sex (14 percent), and age (6 percent).
  3. Contact Your Local Office. Information that will assist in preparing a report relative to civil rights is available by contacting either the OCR headquarters in Washington, D.C, or the OCR enforcement office located in your area. Click here for contact information. Other schools in your district may also have valuable information regarding their history of OCR reporting. Their assistance may provide additional and relevant OCR reporting knowledge.
  4. Utilize your Content Management System (CMS). Clear and concise documentation on all matters that could potentially be used in an OCR report should be kept in an easy-to-use CMS that may be accessed by appropriate parties at any time.

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