Effectively Plan Your Master Schedule

Posted by Matt Berringer on March 26, 2014

Master ScheduleProfessional educators know that a well-crafted master schedule allows for optimal learning to take place each day. It provides a more effective use of allotted time, space, material, and human resources in a school environment. Schedule planning should begin as early as fall in preparation for the next school year.

If you’re an administrator, consider the following tips for successfully pulling together a master schedule shell:

  • Review Your Core Curriculum and Courses. Take a good look at the courses you currently offer. Determine which ones will be renewed, changed, or eliminated due to changes in demographics.
  • Identify Training Needs and Additional Resources. Work with department head(s) to determine possible teacher course loads. Based on curriculum changes, does any additional teacher training or educational resources need to be implemented? If so, put these wheels in motion.
  • Anticipate Change. Your master schedule must be adaptable at a moment’s notice. Be prepared to add new student enrollments, summer grades, or end-of-year surprises. Determine possible scheduling conflicts by doing a test run of your master schedule before implementation.

Even if you follow these guidelines, creating a master schedule without the proper tools can be an arduous task. The right software system can not only guide you through the process but also can assist in meeting your educational goals.

SunGard K-12 Education’s eSchoolPLUS student information system will streamline the assembly of your master schedule to maintain a high level of organization and day-to-day productivity. Enjoy multiple options for creating a master schedule with Master Schedule Builder and Whiteboard, a simple-to-use, drag-and-drop interface that allows you to move courses to different periods, teachers, or rooms. Both tools work together to provide the ability to make last-minute schedule adjustments and add new course sections.

  • If your master schedule doesn’t vary much each year, eSchoolPLUS allows you to copy an existing master schedule and reassign teachers when staffing changes dictate.
  • Want to recreate the master schedule, starting with a clean slate? Tell Master Schedule Builder when courses meet, if they’re offered all year or just one semester, and what period combinations are possible. Then let the builder place the courses for you.
  • Create a brand new master schedule with Whiteboard. As you place courses, the software will alert you to potential conflicts for students, teachers, and rooms.

Capitalize on the unlimited potential of scheduling and elevate your school’s productivity. For more information, CLICK HERE to sign up for a product demonstration or call (866) 905-8989 to speak to a SunGard K-12 representative.


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