eSchoolPLUS Admin Mobile App: Lake Park Community High School District 108 Spoke, SunGard K-12 Education Listened

Posted by Matt Berringer on October 8, 2013

School District Profile:LakeParkLogo

  • Public school district comprised of one high school, divided into two campuses, serving about 3,000 students from the communities around Roselle, Ill.
  • The district’s approximately 200 teachers seek to “inspire in students a sense of personal responsibility and a passion for learning while challenging them to reach their full potential.”
  • With a reputation for excellence, the school has been ranked among the 500 best U.S. high schools by Newsweek.


Access to student information is essential for school administrators, who need to be on the go in support of student achievement and district activities.


Eagerly anticipating the release of the eSchoolPLUS Admin Mobile Application, Lake Park Community High School District 108 volunteered to be one of the Beta districts for the product—hoping to influence the features of the product and ensure its readiness right out of the gate.

Lake Park Community High School District 108’s Story of Success

At Lake Park Community High School District 108, Ill., the walkie talkies that administrators carried when they monitored the lunchroom were an ironic reminder that 21st-century technology hadn’t arrived for every aspect of their school operation. John Gates, manager of information systems, says the antiquated system for accessing information is cumbersome and inefficient. “Our administrators had to radio into someone, who was sitting in front of a computer, to look up student data,” he explains. “It took a lot time.” So, when Gates heard that SunGard K-12 Education was launching a Beta program for the eSchoolPLUS Admin Mobile Application, he volunteered immediately. “These days, there is an expectation to have access to student information on the go,” says Gates. “As a programmer, I felt I could offer the kind of insight that would make the mobile access product better at the initial software release.”

Eliminating the Walkie Talkies

The eSchoolPLUS Admin Mobile App puts important student information at administrators’ fingertips via their iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®; Android™ device; or Kindle Fire. The app’s intuitive touch interface connects administrators with student schedules, attendance, medical records, emergency contact information, and other essential data. It also facilitates anytime, anywhere access to the discipline referral process, as well as communications with district staff and student contacts. To Gates, the eSchoolPLUS Admin Mobile App is an essential tool for administrators.

“When administrators are on the job, they are on the go. They’re monitoring the lunchrooms. Walking the halls. Observing classes,” explains Gates. “And, today there’s an expectation that administrators will be able to access student information anywhere, including outside at football games or on field trips. So the mobile app has greatly enhanced their ability to do their job.”

Out of the box, administrators found the mobile app very intuitive. “I did a light overview with a few people. But, for most of our staff, I didn’t have to give any instruction at all,” he says. Screen overlays guide users the first time each of the mobile app’s pages are opened.

Partnering for Student Success

Gates believes that SunGard K-12 Education valued the feedback it received during the Beta program. “I offered a number of suggestions, especially with the admin interface to the application. I feel like SunGard K-12 Education really listened and did its absolute best to address things we identified,” says Gates. “The application today functions well and is utilizable by us. I appreciated being a part of the Beta, and I will certainly opt to be a Beta tester in the future.”

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