Hilliard City School District Personalizes Learning with Technology

Posted by Matt Berringer on April 3, 2014

Hilliard City School DistrictTeachers and administrators in Hilliard City School District, a SunGard K-12 Education customer in Ohio, are thinking innovatively about using technology to engage their students in personalizing their education.

The school district’s initiatives are featured in the March 13 edition of Education Week and in SunGard K-12’s most recent customer success story.

The Education Week story focuses on learning menus. Sometimes called “curriculum playlists,” learning menus allow students to select a series of activities, exercises, and assessments to complete the requirements of a particular lesson. In the story, Mike McDonough, Hilliard City School District’s director of secondary education, was quoted as saying, “The resounding response from students is that they feel like they have ownership of their learning.”

And with the eSchoolPLUS student information system, the school district has established a collaborative process to engage secondary students in personalizing their learning, says Jerry Drobnick, Hilliard City School District’s coordinator of administrative technology.

“eSchoolPLUS Career Planner and Home Access Center are cornerstones of our initiatives to create personalized education plans for each student,” he says.

All Hilliard City students, grades 9 through 12, are required to have a career plan. In the January to February timeframe each year, students in grades 8 through 11 will log into Home Access Center, review their existing career plan, and make desired changes to their plan for the coming year.

“Students can choose from one of 12 different core areas of study,” explains Drobnick. “In Career Planner, they are provided options for courses and electives in their core area of focus. This allows them to tailor their education to their interests and aptitudes. Our counselors can then sit down individually with students to review their career plan.”

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