Going Paperless with Parental Forms

Posted by Matt Berringer on August 29, 2014

Going PaperlessIn today’s greener and more digital climate, going paperless makes perfect sense for school districts. While providing a much easier to manage “paper trail,” online forms are far more convenient, save busy parents time and frustration, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your district processes. And, online delivery of report cards is not only more efficient but can produce significant savings.

Paperless forms, when executed according to best practices, can eliminate issues inherent in paper filing practices and offer the following benefits:

  • Preserve and protect vital documentation from disasters, such as fire or flood.
  • Improve the accessibility of information
  • Decrease time associated with processing forms
  • Significantly reduce the complexities associated with document transfer within district
  • Reduce long-term storage costs

For a district process as important as student registration, online parental forms streamline the process. Busy working parents are more likely to log into the school district’s portal from a home computer or tablet, enabling them to complete important school documents in minutes. This simple guided process vastly reduces time spent on repeatedly filling out basic information and makes updates a breeze.

Online enrollment validates data and makes the process more efficient. Fewer school budget dollars are wasted on mass mailings and office supplies. School secretaries also have considerably less filing and manual updating to do, so main office productivity is also greatly enhanced.

Once your district makes the decision to transition to paperless, it is recommended that you send out a single mass mailing notifying parents of the new process. Include their login, password setup, and URL with instructions about how to access the online parental forms. Drive it home again during Back-to-School Night. With the assistance of district IT directors, administrators can explain the process to parents with a brief online demonstration. Promote it on social media and on the school district’s website as well with instructions. Set up a hotline to help less tech-savvy parents. Teachers can also help facilitate the process during parent-teacher meetings.

It’s easy to build paperless parental forms with eSchoolPLUS Enrollment Online Update and deliver them securely through eSchoolPLUS Home Access Center. To learn more, please click here to sign up for a product demonstration or call (866) 905-8989 to speak to a SunGard K-12 Education representative today.

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