Four Steps to Recruit Talent

Posted by Matt Berringer on June 12, 2014

Finding Exceptional TalentIt isn’t always easy to recruit talent to fill roles quickly. With a little planning, creativity, and follow-up, you will get closer to your hiring goal. To evaluate a candidate effectively, consider these four steps in your selection process:

  1. Get creative with your next interview. Interviews rarely reflect how that person will perform. To really find out, interviewers need to get out of the typical Q&A comfort (or discomfort) zone. Try out-of-the-box methods like role plays, demonstrations, project assignments, and more.
  2. Lay out a clear interview day plan. Making sure that each interviewer knows his/her role in the process can help it progress smoothly. Pull interviewers from different areas and diverse knowledge bases to get a full picture of each candidate.
  3. Prepare well in advance for the interview day. Hold a prep meeting with the interview team and discuss what should be expected of the candidate. Make sure the candidates and the rest of the team understand those expectations.
  4. Have a defined strategy for after the interview. Depending on the number of candidates interviewed, the process can be confusing. Plan ways to evaluate the candidates’ performance.

Like these tips? Then download our worksheet, Finding Exceptional Talent, to help you in your preparations.

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