Four Keys to Successful Regulatory Reporting

Posted by Matt Berringer on November 12, 2014

Regulatory ReportingIn the ever-changing state regulatory environment, it is difficult to keep track of the numerous, mandatory federal and state reporting requirements. Key to a school district’s success is a comprehensive software solution supported by a company that is committed to keeping on top of regulatory reporting requirements.

For successful regulatory reporting, a school district’s administrative solutions should offer the following four features:

  • Tools for Effective Collaboration, Communication. Teamwork is key to accurate and timely reporting. Administrative systems should support and enhance collaboration and communication between internal stakeholders in the process.
  • Robust Analysis and Tracking Tools. With unrivaled reporting and analysis capabilities for regulatory and ad hoc reporting at their fingertips, administrators will have the flexibility to not only meet deadlines, but also gain insights from the data to enhance efficiency and improve student achievement.
  • Easy Access to the Highest Quality Data. Solutions should offer the capacity to quickly and easily collect the highest quality data.
  • An Active Partner. Regulatory requirements for K-12 school districts are a constantly moving target. And, in the crush of everyday responsibilities, it’s a challenge to keep current. In choosing an administrative system, choose a company that’s willing to be your partner in this effort--one that makes it a priority not only to keep its solutions compliant with changing requirements but also to ensure that you’re on top of them tool.

The PLUS 360 suite is a single, integrated software solution that provides administrators with tools to meet a district’s educational goals and requirements. When you choose PLUS 360, you are not only choosing a quality solution for your district, you are choosing a quality partner in SunGard K-12 Education.

SunGard K-12 provides our customers with robust support -- regulatory user group calls that keep you updated on the changing requirements and how we’re adapting our software to help you meet them. Our state and national user group forums bring our customers together to share and discuss best practices.

Learn about how SunGard K-12 software solutions can benefit your school district. Click here for more information about the PLUS 360 suite.

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