Formative Assessment Trends: The Common Core

Posted by Matt Berringer on January 21, 2014

Kids with TeachersRecent changes to the Common Core curriculum have increased the rigor of education in classrooms around the country. As this trend continues, it has become more important than ever to understand what students know and are able to do. This can be achieved with formative assessment practices.

Researchers have found that it is vital to extract meaningful trends and information as it relates to the Common Core. This prepares students with the knowledge and abilities not only for scoring well on tests, but also for ensuring college and career success.

Common Formative Assessments: How to Connect Standards-Based Instruction and Assessment (Ainsworth & Viegut, 2006) shows that by varying the type of formative assessment used over the course of the school week, teachers will receive a more accurate and complete picture of students’ comprehension. This is described by Ainsworth and Viegut as a “multiple-measure assessment ‘window’ into student understanding.” Studies such as this show formative assessment is a powerful tool for the improvement of student learning. Gathering, interpreting, and acting on information throughout the students’ learning process, rather than afterward, plays a critical role in tracking successful and unsuccessful patterns in both teaching and learning. In this way learning gaps, academic progress, information absorption, strategic course corrections, and other critical elements of learning can be evaluated and applied toward future processes.

SunGard K-12 Education’s PerformancePLUS software suite includes a proven assessment solution. It is capable of rapid and flexible deployment, and offers strategic adjustments based on intuitive reports and analyses through a holistic view of both assessment and curriculum. Tools for assessment management include performance analysis, an item bank, individual learning plans, calendar-based lesson planning, and curriculum mapping, analysis, and exemplars.

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