FETC 2015 Highlight: Florida Digital Memories

Posted by Matt Berringer on January 22, 2015

FETC 2015At FETC 2015, David Futch—former secondary social studies teacher, Discovery Education consultant, and owner of Curriculum2Go—shared Florida Digital Memories, a free, web-based resource that allows teachers to retrieve content and post class-created projects about Florida history. The website can be accessed at www.floridadigitalmemories.com.

Florida Digital Memories supports teachers as they work with students to create multimedia projects and learn about Florida. The goal of Florida Digital Memories is to offer students an opportunity to gain an understanding of the richness and diversity of Florida history as they work to create and share their multimedia projects.

Consistent with the Maker Movement, Futch believes that as students create projects using new content, their understanding of that content increases exponentially. “If there is something in Florida that is historical that teachers want their students to do a project about, I’d like to help them publish that content,” explains Futch. “Because isn’t the process of creation how your students learn?”

In addition to providing a location for projects to be posted and shared with the world, Florida Digital Memories also offers free images that can be downloaded by educators and used in the classroom. These copyright-free images can be used, edited, and modified when creating classroom projects.

Additionally, in the Teacher Area of the website, educators will find suggestions, ideas for differentiation, and guidance for the types of projects that might be appropriate for the website. This wealth of resources supports teachers in making the most of the website to support teaching and learning.

Futch’s work photographically documenting Florida’s history began with St. Augustine, Fla., which was founded in 1565 and is the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the United States. St. Augustine Digital Memories, which can be found at staugustinedigitalmemories.com,is a free resource that focuses on the rich history of St. Augustine specific to the Florida educational standards. Futch later broadened his work to all of Florida with Florida Digital Memories.

Topics: technology, education, K-12