ISTE 2014 Update: Our Favorite Quotes from ISTE Ignite

Posted by Matt Berringer on June 29, 2014

photoMore than a dozen ISTE presenters ignited this year’s conference with five-minute snapshots of their scholarship and initiatives. Please enjoy a snapshot of their snapshots as we share our favorite quotes from ISTE Ignite.

Allison Finn
“Virtual exchanges make it possible for every young person to access a true cross-cultural education.”
“We will have to work together across borders in order to solve all of the problems that our generation has not yet fixed.”

Tanya Avrith
“Our students’ digital legacies will be their Twitter accounts, their blogs, their YouTube channels, their digital portfolios.”
“You cannot teach digital citizenship in isolation.”

Rafranz Davis
“You never underestimate the power of a kid that is driven by his passion to create.”
“When you learn, create, and share, you give passion a chance to go viral.”

Eva Harvell
“Who wants to come play? The sky is the limit.”

Stacy Hawthorne
“There are no strangers at ISTE. Only friends we have yet to meet.”

Three ideas to help us succeed in life:

  • “How often do we actually allow ourselves and our students to ask meaningful questions?”
  • “The brick walls are there to keep the other people out. They’re there to stop the people who don’t want it bad enough. And, there are always ways around those brick walls.”
  • “Make sure that people know where they stand all the time.”

Jennifer Magiera
“Teachers are big kids. We need to be engaged like everybody else.”
“We’re all secretly ashamed of admitting what we don’t know or what we want to try for fear that it would be taboo.”
“The person sitting next to you … could be your educational soul mate.”

Rurik Nackerud
“It’s all about that passion for supporting students.”

Matthew Newton
“Wearable technology has been around for quite some time. It’s nothing new. And, it’s going to be around for quite some time.”
“The paradigm we have to change in the way we look at [wearable technology] is thinking about convenience versus possibility.”

Pat Yongpradit
“Every single student in every single school should have the opportunity to learn computer science … because it’s a foundational skill in the 21st century.”

Nicholas Provenzano
“The most important thing that we have to do is create experiences for our kids.”
“Too often our kids are told, ‘You can’t.’ Why? Because it’s easier to say, ‘No.’”

Jennifer Roberts
“We are preparing our students for their futures. Teachers need to be futurists—that’s the nature of our business. It’s not just our prerogative to predict the future; it’s our obligation.”
“I’m worried that our next educational divide, though, is going to be between the students who have the power and autonomy to determine their own learning path and those who don’t.”

Amanda Sidorowicz
“Typical is boring … Let’s open our minds and be creative and have fun.”
“Who said pop culture and education don’t mix?”

Reshan Richards
“Being good at something or knowing a lot about it doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to teach it or help others learn it.”
“If you have an idea you can turn it into reality, if the contexts are present. But, you have to possess the ability to recognize them.”


Topics: education, K-12