eSchoolPLUS Family App: A Shifting Paradigm, Redefined Web Experience

Posted by Matt Berringer on November 18, 2014

eSchoolPLUS Family AppBy Chris Everleth, SunGard K-12 Education Vice President of Development

Mobile apps are redefining our experience on the Internet. No longer do we rely on search engines to take us to the information that we want and need. Instead, as we increasingly turn to our mobile devices for content on the go, we navigate the Internet through the lens of mobile apps. Although this isn’t the end of web pages, they have become marginalized to a degree. More and more, people want those experiences that provide immediately actionable information. Our strategy long-term needs to focus on merging the two philosophies to provide a wealth of information through the lens of action. If we do that, our tools will have to answer key questions about student achievement, including:

  • What do I need to do?
  • How can I succeed?
  • What do I need to know in order to make those things happen?

eSchoolPLUS Family AppToday, it’s not enough to view a student information system as just a repository of data. That’s the old paradigm. The new paradigm is about moving beyond the commoditization of student information systems into innovative, action-oriented support for schools. At the end of the day, it’s not only about seeing how our students did. Instead it’s about knowing right now that this student needs some support and how we can use insights from the data to help that student.

The eSchoolPLUS Family App goes beyond static display of repository data. Designed to tighten the feedback loop between schools and families, the Family App puts actionable information that supports student achievement at the fingertips of parents/guardians and students. Easy-to-view icons quickly connect students, parents, and guardians with classwork, schedules, attendance, grades, activities, and more.

With this just-in-time information at their fingertips and their knowledge of what’s going on in their student’s life, parents and guardians can structure what happens at home to support their student’s success.

For students, the Family App is a 21st-century tool that will help them develop skills in productivity and time management that will benefit them throughout their life. It connects them with their education in a way that’s both meaningful and familiar—making it easier to manage their assignments and prepare for their assessments. The Family App can be a platform for educational excellence for our schools. From this portal, families will be able to take action on things that matter.

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