Derry Cooperative School District Improves Test Results with PerformancePLUS Learning Management

Posted by Matt Berringer on October 5, 2010

Throughout the year, members of the Derry Cooperative School District’s curriculum committee met, binders and paperwork in-hand, to work on the coursework teachers would use to instruct teachers throughout the district’s five elementary and two middle schools. But the hard-working group and its team of educators often were hampered by the manual system bereft of mapping, assessments and automated lesson plans.

“We had nothing electronic," said Mary Ellen Hannon, Superintendent of Derry Cooperative. "We had no ability to do anything electronically except take data from the state and put it into a spreadsheet. We had a curriculum issue and we had a data issue.”

Ultimately, the district selected PerformancePLUS and SunGard Public Sector's family of learning management solutions specifically designed for K-12 educators.

“PerformancePLUS was the only product that had a consolidated approach,” said Hannon.

Learn more about how Derry has realized the benefits of comprehensive learning management with PerformancePLUS.

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