Data Teams: Working with your District Data

Posted by Matt Berringer on June 24, 2014

Data TeamsBy Heather Labrum, PerformancePLUS Educational Consultant

All year long, students and staff generate data through assessments and delivered curriculum. Looking back on the past several months, you may feel “data rich and knowledge poor” and wonder how best to use all of that data.

Creating data teams is a valuable way to interpret, analyze, and understand data. Teams can create SMART goals for their focus areas—grade level, department, and building—and monitor and appraise the results. After your data team has been established, consider a variety of meeting protocols that can help guide the discussion and reflect on a series of guiding questions, such as these:

Assessment Data Reflection

  • How many students are reaching each proficiency level?
  • Are results different for different student groups, different classes/ teachers?
  • What external factors may have influenced the results—new test format, adjusted cut scores, introduction of new curriculum, addition of teachers, etc.?
  • What hypothesis can be drawn about the results?
  • What strategies can improve the results?

Curricular Data Reflection

  • Is there consistency in the curriculum for the scope of a school year?
  • Does the curriculum progress from grade to grade develop appropriately?
  • What standards have not been met according to the curricular maps?
  • What strategies can improve the curriculum?

Using reports that are available through PerformancePLUS can be enormously useful not only for answering these questions but also for helping you develop further inquiries. To learn more about PerformancePLUS, visit our website at this link or call 866-905-8989 for a demonstration.

If you already use PerformancePLUS and are interested in some guided practice in mediating a data team, consider a one-day session designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of how to make the work of data teams most effective. Additionally, sessions on guided reflection of curricular maps can prove a meaningful start to the process. Contact your customer relationship manager to discuss.

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