Council Rock School District, Pa., Launches Student Achievement Initiatives with PLUS 360

Posted by Matt Berringer on June 9, 2014

CouncilRockLogoBarry Desko, director of secondary education of Council Rock School District, Pa., says the PLUS 360 solution has become integral to the district’s student achievement initiatives.

“The systems allow us to do much more data gathering and analysis. Our principals are doing grade analysis that never was a simple task for them before we moved to eSchoolPLUS. Now they can look at marking period reports and student or teacher grading analysis to get a sense of what’s going on,” he explains. “Our curriculum coordinators look at all of our common assessments and do task analysis to look at how well the assessments are measuring what we want them to measure and how well our students are performing. It’s given us a lot of options to better ensure that we are able to deliver on the mission that we are committed to.”

Over the years, Desko has appreciated how SunGard K-12 has evolved its systems to make them even easier to use. “For example, the new reporting engine in PerformancePLUS is intuitive,” says Desko. “Our folks are confident in the information they’re getting. And, the training that came along with the update was really helpful.”

For Charles Lambert, the district’s director of special services, IEPPLUS is key to the district’s success in its special education program. “IEPPLUS is critically essential to compliance,” says Lambert. “It gives us the mechanism by which we complete the paperwork and manage the state reporting that we are required to do.”

Like Desko, Lambert has seen SunGard K-12’s commitment to continuous improvement. “IEPPLUS’s new progress monitoring module is even more user friendly,” he says. “That progress monitoring component is critical for IEP development. So, I think making the new module easier for teachers has certainly helped in developing better IEPs.”

When Lambert has a question, he is confident he’ll get the help he needs. “SunGard K-12’s customer support is absolutely outstanding,” he says. “All of them are very responsive and thorough.”

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