Buried under a Data Avalanche? Break Through with Integration!

Posted by Matt Berringer on June 27, 2014

Are you being buried beneath an avalanche of student data?

For many schools, disparate systems don’t allow them to connect their abundance of data in ways that offer educators meaningful insights for on-the-spot decision making. And, with increasing pressure to show demonstrated improvement in student achievement, school and school districts are looking for integrated solutions that help them lead without limits.

Through the power of integrated student data, K-12 technology can help educators and administrators accomplish some pretty amazing things these days. If you’re new to the concept, please take a look at this new video, which showcases the power of the integrated student data offered through eSchoolPLUS, SunGard K-12 Education’s student solution.

eSchoolPLUS helps all educational stakeholders--teachers, administrators, parents, and students--be successful by putting the data they need at their fingertips anywhere, anytime. The solution is part of our PLUS 360 suite, which is a powerful and more efficient approach to K-12 administrative software. As a single, integrated suite of software solutions for student information management, assessment and curriculum management, special education management, and financial and human resources management, the PLUS 360 suite allows you to see connections that disparate systems cannot and receive notifications of events and milestones that improve efficiency and help ensure compliance.

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