Best Practices in Personnel Budgeting

Posted by Matt Berringer on November 17, 2014

Position BudgetingThe educational system is a rewarding industry in which to work, as teachers provide students with the tools and knowledge to succeed in their future careers.

The workforce behind the education industry is truly impressive. According to the Educational Research Service, the nation’s public schools employ more than six million workers. Federal estimates show that instructional staffers receive about $295 billion in salary and benefits, and approximately 80 percent of school districts’ budgets are allocated for personnel costs. In order for budgeting directors to effectively control personnel budgeting, a strong financial management plan is essential.

Personnel budgeting needs vary from district to district. SunGard K-12 Education’s financial and human resources management software solutions are fully adaptable to the needs of every district.

One example of how the PLUS 360 financial solutions support effective personnel budgeting can be found in the successful collaboration between Heartland AEA and West Des Moines Community Schools.

Since 2004, Heartland AEA has been using SunGard K-12 Education’s BusinessPLUS Position Budgeting for salary negotiations, forecasting, and budgeting. West Des Moines School District wanted a detailed line item budget available from day one of the fiscal year. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the software, Heartland AEA staff members were able to assist West Des Moines School District in successfully forecasting their budget and implementing best practices in personnel budgeting with BusinessPLUS.

BusinessPLUS and eFinancePLUS provide budgeting administrators with expedient tools for management of budget forecasting, fund accounting, and procurement, and vendor access. The real-time database maintains fiscal, purchasing, and budgeting information which adheres to all GAAP, GASB, and GAAFR requirements. PLUS 360 systems are additionally designed with seamless payroll tools and easy access to recruitment and management of personnel with comprehensive employee demographic and benefits information. SunGard K-12 is dedicated to providing staff and administrators with the financial management tools they need to budget productively and increase efficiency.

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