Best Practices in EEO Reporting

Posted by Matt Berringer on December 19, 2014

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requires school districts to submit periodic EEO reports to closely monitor employment workforce data. For Human Resources (HR) managers, it is important to recruit, hire, and promote with EEO principles in mind and to self-assess policies and practices on an ongoing basis. While hiring directors have a legal obligation to provide the data, EEO reporting policies simultaneously play a pivotal role in improving diversity in staff recruitment and strengthening retention strategies. SPLENDID - EEO ReportingWhile it is integral for school districts to adhere to EEO regulations, the EEOC Best Practices Task Force understands that pursuing diversity and EEO policies is often a complex task. The Task Force advocates the SPLENDID method for ensuring smooth EEO reporting. The acronym “SPLENDID” stands for the following sequence of actions that HR leaders can take to implement best practices for EEO principles:

  • Study. Stay up-to-date on EEO laws and business obligations.
  • Plan. Know local, national, and global issues in the workforce. Identify concerns, develop solutions, and create strategies for success.
  • Lead. HR managers must master diversity to ensure that EEO policy is a business priority.
  • Encourage. Encourage employment diversity and structure business practices to reinforce corporate objectives.
  • Notice. Monitor company progress through assessment and self-analysis by taking notice of the impact and effectiveness of EEO practices.
  • Discussion. Communicate and emphasize the importance of diversity and its essential role in business success.
  • Inclusion. Share EEO knowledge with everyone and educate them how to implement these initiatives within the company.
  • Dedication. Stay focused and committed to long-term achievement of EEO practices.

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