SunGard K-12 Education Celebrates Arkansas Department of Education, Arkansas Schools

Posted by Matt Berringer on August 8, 2014

Arkansas.jpgToday at the Arkansas’ Second Annual Data Conference, SunGard K-12 Education recognized the Arkansas Department of Education and Arkansas school districts for their remarkable strides in using data to answer relevant and insightful questions about teaching and learning. At the conference, themed Using Data as a Flashlight, Chris Everleth, SunGard K-12 Education’s vice president of development, presented a plaque to Michael Hernandez, Arkansas Department of Education deputy commissioner, recognizing the state’s accomplishment as being the first of only two states to have achieved the Data Quality Campaign’s 10 targets for ensuring effective data use.

“Through its visionary leadership, the Department of Education is supporting an excellent education for every Arkansas student. And as a result of this education, these students are imagining greater possibilities for their future and are being better prepared to fulfill the promise of their boundless potential,” said Everleth. “Today, SunGard K-12 Education celebrates Arkansas Department of Education and all Arkansas school districts for your achievement.”

In the forward of the Data Quality Campaign’s (DQC’s) most recent annual report, DQC Founder and Executive Director Aimee Guidera noted that Arkansas’ achievement of these 10 targets for effective data use is a testament to the consistent and collaborative leadership that has been a hallmark of how the state has responded to the needs of its citizens and has made effective data use a reality. The annual report also highlighted the ADE Data Center, which was launched by the Department of Education in 2009 to provide educational stakeholders the information they need to support student achievement. Maintained by the Division of Research and Technology, the ADE Data Center is an online collection of data systems, tools, and reports for educators, policymakers, teachers, parents, school districts, and others.

According to Cody Decker, the Division’s Assistant Commissioner and Chief Information Officer, the ADE Data Center plays a vital role in supporting the state’s commitment to use data as a flashlight for illuminating opportunities to enhance teaching and learning while preserving and protecting the confidentiality of protected student information.

“There’s a rich culture of data use in Arkansas and a strong commitment from the Arkansas Department of Education, our General Assembly, and all our stakeholders to use data to drive decisions,” says Decker. “Data-informed decision making is not just a buzzword in Arkansas. In the classroom and all levels of government, decisions can be better informed with complete, correct, and timely data that is provided to educational stakeholders in a manner that is both secure and compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).”

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