A Closer Look at K-12 Consortiums

Posted by Matt Berringer on April 16, 2010

Available for a limited time at the American School magazine's website is an excellent piece by Charles K. Trainor on the benefits of consortiums, where two or more districts join forces to leverage resources and capital toward more efficient operations and expenditures that would be too great for any individual district to consider. His approach is fundamentally on the financial benefits:

As economic pressures continue, the impediments to expanded consortium use must be eliminated. Now, when almost every state is facing financial deficits, government leaders must be urged to remove obstacles to cooperative purchasing.

While the financial benefits to district consortiums are paramount and substantial, there are other benefits to consider--maximizing experience across schools, developing improved best practices, student data sharing for transfers, and more.

Are any of your districts involved in a consortium, or contemplating one? What benefits are you observing, financial or otherwise?