5 Tips for Retaining Teachers

Posted by Matt Berringer on May 20, 2014

Retaining TeachersHuman Resource directors know that a school district’s overall achievement and ratings are largely dependent on the quality of teachers and staff. So when a respected teacher decides to move on, it can result in lost instruction time, student knowledge, continuity in lessons and daily schedule, and even a sense of personal loss for the K-12 student body. Therefore, it’s vital to your district’s health and success to retain top teachers. Keeping turnover at a minimum also establishes firmer roots in the community and helps preserve the team teaching model.

To help retain your best educators, consider these five useful tips:

  1. Clear Communication. Explain daily expectations and hold regularly scheduled staff meetings. Unclear expectations will keep staff on edge and create a stressful work environment.
  2. Earning Potential. Also in line with communication, make earning potential clear and retirement plan info readily available. To plan ahead, teachers need to know how much they will earn year after year. Proactivity in this area will also help anticipate upcoming retirements.
  3. Provide Regular Feedback. Good teachers often plan observation lessons for weeks, so it’s important for you to keep your scheduled appointment and provide constructive post-lesson feedback.
  4. Encourage Your Staff to Aim High. Do you see administrative potential in a teacher? Let them know. Think they can teach a higher grade or more rigorous subject matter? Provide them with the guidance and platforms to do so.
  5. Do Not Show Favoritism. Word travels fast. If one teacher receives special treatment and considerations over another, resentments within your staff may develop and damage your academic infrastructure. Be sure to equally acknowledge all achievements, too.

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